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Introducing City Bureau’s Community Engagement Guidelines
Introducing City Bureau’s Community Engagement Guidelines:

City Bureau sets out with its guidelines in June 2019. Such a unique but useful approach to journalism that is part of community. I like the idea of “non-extractive” journalism. 

We decided our first step was to establish community engagement guidelines. We believe that the guidelines below give shape to our collective work so far and define entry points for those wanting to join. But this list isn’t set in stone nor is it intended to be used punitively. We view these guidelines as a beginning, as soil. We want to see what will grow from holding ourselves accountable to these six principles. Much like tending a garden, we’ll be observing what needs weeding, watering or adding new ingredients in the mix. An example, in nonprofit speak—what professional development opportunities will we identify to help us move forward toward these aspirations?

UPDATE 2-U.S. agency to vote on auctioning key unused parts of 2.5 GHz band for 5G
UPDATE 2-U.S. agency to vote on auctioning key unused parts of 2.5 GHz band for 5G:

Note this communique says the FCC wants “… to auction a key band of largely unused 2.5 GHz spectrum to help advance next-generation 5G wireless networks and scrap requirements that it be used for education” but that spectrum is reserved for educational use. While the spectrum may be leased out by schools, that doesn’t mean the spectrum isn’t serving education. 

Schools are one form of education, but in a digital society, spectrum reserved for education can serve public interests as well as schools.

Fight this change. 

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